Tina & Rex - Mekkis Photography

Photographing anything in a low light can be difficult, a wedding ceremony  in a church is one of them. With Tina & Rex I had a good experience, the church was big enough and beautiful with open windows and good lighting. I really enjoyed the peaceful and  serene church atmosphere. 

One of my favorite photo. I love her white dress with the background window.

 Church Ceremony  can be a nerve-racking thing to photograph because not only are you thinking about getting good photos of special moments, you are constantly trying to stay out of the way and not be distracting. Using flashes during a ceremony is usually a big no-no. Even if the couple don”t seem to mind, it’s very distracting and bad form. Tina and Rex's photos turned out to be very pleasant and beautiful, I enjoyed every moment of it. congratulations !!

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